Today I Want to Be was established in August 2019 and we started selling our first calendar in October. For 2020 we featured black women and their careers and for 2021 we will feature, Black men and Black women in two separate calendars. Each year we will add a different gender and ethnicity. So, for 2022 we will add Hispanic women and so on. Check out our products here.

We focuses on helping youth and young adults, 6th grade to college age students, explore various career fields by introducing them to and giving them an opportunity interview professionals virtually. As student co-host youth are on a virtual panel with other young people. They are given the opportunity to ask the professionals questions they have written in advance. These interviews are an extension of the calendars we sell. Our calendars are unique because they are interactive. This is accomplished by having weekly goals for students, words of encouragement throughout the months, a list of three things that make these professionals successful at their jobs. All of this information is written by the featured professionals. Lastly we have the monthly interviews. Other youth that are not co-hosts can watch the interview on our  YouTube channel and  Facebook page. We host the shows LIVE, to give others that are watching the opportunity to ask the professionals questions as well. 

Our Mission

Today I Want to Be is all about career exploration. We strive to help kids and youth discover their interests as well as their passions and turn them into a fulfilling career.

Want to help us continue our mission? 

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