Today I Wan to Be is proud to nurture Career Exploration among kids and youth with Volume 1 Discovery Pictures featuring Black women and what makes them successful at their jobs. These are great for educational aides in classrooms and kids bedrooms!


Enjoy learning about so many career fields that our Black women are passionately and purposefully working. Kids and youth will have an opportunity to see they are represented in so many careers. It is imperative that they understand they can become anything they want to be and see others before them who are paving the way.


Each Discovery Picture Includes:                           

-Professional's Bio


-3 things that makes these women  successful at their jobs

-4 Weekly goals so girls are focusing on reaching their fullest potential

-7 Words of affirmation or encouraging phrases


-Laminated for durability

-Monthly LIVE virtual interviews with featured professionals aired on Today I Want 2 Be YouTube channel and Facebook page giving youth an opportunity to ask professionals questions about their careers


Each Pack Includes:  

-Storage bag with zipper (colors vary)


Featured Careers:  

Real Estate Investor, Social Worker, Marketing Director, Technical Recruiter, Judge, Pilot, Pastry Chef, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Business Owner, English-Language Arts Resource Teacher, Offensive Assistant Football Coach, and Principal


Career Discovery Cards - What Makes Me Successful (Black Women) - 12 pack

    • Size: 8.5 x 11 
    • Laminated for durability
    • 12 Pack - What Makes Me Successful (Vol. 1)
    • Includes storage bag with zipper (colors vary)
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